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5 months ago

Doubts about marraige

Well hi....

I am 24 and recently my parents informed me that they will be looking at marriage proposals for me. I have so many thoughts that i dont think they will understand.

I am an introvert. to open up to a person- any person, takes time. So, how can I tell yes for a guy i just met 2-3 times? How will I know that yes, he is that person I want to spend my lifetime with? That he is the one who will stand by me through thick and thin? How will I be able to accept him in my world when till now I was happy being alone? How will i want him? How will I know that he will stand up for me? How can I accept his parents as mine? Yes, I will respect them as elders but how can I give them the place in my heart which is deserved for my parents?

This is 21st century. everything is more accessible. But still in our society why is love marriage treated as a crime? why do we not have the priviledge to choose our own life partner? yes, we may choose wrong but that decision should be ours. ryt? We should have the confidence to take and stick to our own decisions and have the hope that 'kuch bhi hojay peche maa-baap he' .

Even if their daughter chose a guy and you gave them blessings but still why in an argument you specify that she loved someone. Did she really do a mistake? why do people blame parents that her upbringing was not good that's why she loved a guy. Not only society but why do our parents blame each other? It is not as if all the arranged marriages are successful.

I dont understand that if you cant send your daughter to meet a guy for more than 3 times, how can you trust him with your daughter for her life?

AM i just overthinking? do everyone in this phase of their life have doubts swirling in their mind?