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5 months ago

everyone hates me because they don’t understand what I am telling them.

I find a lot of really disturbing/scary things really interesting. I can’t really help it I guess, it’s just what I find cool. I want to learn about these things because I find them so interesting. I’d never use them on anyone with the exception of if I felt I *really* had to in an extreme situation(which will almost certainly not happen in my lifetime), and I thought I had made that very clear. Everyone thinks that I will go around doing horrible things to people and that I want to do that. Of course I fucking don’t. I want to learn about diseases because I think it’s super interesting/cool the way they work and how it affects the human body. It doesn’t mean that I want everyone to get the bubonic plague. I had said that I wanted to know how to use manipulation because I think it is cool. They thought that meant that I wanted to go around and manipulate people. I specifically stated that I didn’t want to do that but no one fucking believes me anymore. My mom manipulated me on a daily basis so forgive me if I am a bit numb to the subject.