Family Problems

So last week I was arguing with my mom and she called me unlovable and a bunch of other things that just really cut into me ya know? Its one thing for someone else to say it but your own mother? Then I cried my eyes out and my brother plays fornite a lot and won't stop screaming, so I'm starting to get a headache so I tell him to be quite and he looks at me and calls me a p**** and a baby so I tell him about what our mom said and he tells me "well then, why don't you be more loveable?" Well he's looking at the screen so I burst out crying again, now im thinking about it and maybe I'm a b**** everyone seems to think so, but its just who I am, people mistake me to be a b**** even though its just who I am. So now im feeling like I'm left out of everything, my families really close to eachother and im just over here just being here. I also know that I leave a lot and don't really socialize with everyone but I leave cause I don't wanna be there while not being there if you know what I'm saying. I hate myself for being this anti-social that im even cutting the ties to my family when I don't mean to. Even my friends think im annoying and won't talk to me anymore. I know this sounds so childish but I just needed to tell someone how I felt cause I've been keeping my feelings in for years, if your still reading thank you, your that one person out of millions. Thank you for reading