f*ck society

f*ck society. ironically. in a world full of freedom. we are never free. we the people have no power. no means to change rhe world to live in. we have to vote for the lesser evil but as the Witcher taught us there is no lesser evil. just evil. damn. like do we the youth really have a future?. im so sick and tired of everyone telling me who i am where i can go what i can and can't do. all these laws these systems useless to the people who really actually need them. can we really change the world? and how? whe the people want to be free. to travel anywhere we want to and work and be anyone we want. i never agreed to this government. to this corruption. i want a country that we can mold and create to what we want. where people are equal. where people win by hard work. im done and im started. it's time to start to begin. we can mold the future. we need to mold the future. we will create our own future.