Feeling Lonely

i feel so alone all the time even when im around people is it because i'm a mom at 20 years old and i sometimes feel like my life is just passing by and nothing but tending to my kid half the time i don't even have the time to shower i just caught up in things to do for my son. while his dad on the other hand can do what he wants whenever he pleases i can't even go by myself for a car ride he freaks out when he with the baby he acts like its the end of the world if i even ask to watch the baby for 5 min while i go use the bathroom. And, the other part is we still live with his mom and dad i want to move and not live with them anymore and it doesn't seem like he doesn't want to leave at all but i can't just stand it anymore. it seems like his grandma doesn't want him around anymore the house feels like the tension is so strong between everyone you can cut it like butter. i'm so stressed with finaces and rising a child with someone who is so lazy and i feel so lonely i just feel like running away. but i won't leave my kid behind and i don't want to leave his dad because i want his dad in his life knowing we tired everything to make us work. im tired emotionally physically and mentally.