fuck im terrible

I wrote this so i wouldnt say it.

I fucking hate you so much i want to rip your skull off and tear you into a million pieces until your screams are the only thing left of your disgusting little being. youre an awkward filth with no friends. Bitch you have no sense of socializing and you pretend to be a cute sensitive puppy when you actually are an empty cusp of a person. Youre voice is so wretched that it induces violent seizing to drown out the high-pitched ringing you call melody. I have to tense my jaw to prevent myself from uttering the disgrace you are when i look in the mirror. You curl your top lip to appear cute so that people will adore you like a baby. Youre not a fetus who needs protection. People feel sorry for you because your lack of talent in anything is appalling. They call you "child" and coo when you finally do something right. Leave me alone now. I am what made you and I am to blame.

Every time I wish to grab you and choke you to death I must remind myself of family. But it doesnt sound too bad. I don't care about my future anyway. My mistakes are already plenty.