I've always had a problem for feeling unnecessarily guilty, even for minor things but now I'm not sure if what I did was very wrong or not. Right now I feel like my world is crumbling and I think its the feeling of guilt trailing me but I don't know anymore I think a may just be a disgusting person.

The event that is really setting this off is masterbation to a hentai (very manly I know). In this the man has a younger sister and wishes for sex with an older sister, long story short he becomes young and they frick. In the moment I just wanted to relieve myself but after I thought "am I pedophile?" I'm not even legally an adult but the man became a boy and I went ahead, it didn't even occur to me until like ten minutes after that it may be pedophilia and I didn't even realize. I really just don't know anymore, I'm not attracted to kids and I find it disturbing when adults are predators and pedophiles, but am I?

This has been weighing on me pretty heavily and I feel like I'm caving and now am not sure if I should tell my doctor for medicine for the guilt? Or if I should somehow tell my parents? Or I should take more extreme measures, but right now I cannot live with myself.