Here’s a few thoughts for all you blm punks

Well seeing you worthless fucks in the black lives matter movement go to Seattle and tell white people to give their home sup and pay reparations. Fuck you uou fucks need to get a fucking job and work for a living. None of you motherfuckers hav

e ever been a slave no one alive today has ever owned a slave in this country. So you lazy fuckers who think you’re entitled because your daddy left to go fuck some other sleezy ass hoe need to go get a fucking job and work for a living instead of trying to intimidate white people into giving you what you want. Fuck you. Here’s an idea why don’t you get on a ship and go pull this silly shit in some other country and see what happens. Oh and by the way. George Floyd was a scum bag criminal, Trayvon martin was criminal and that punk in Ferguson Missouri had it coming all were criminals and punks. Just like the rest of you lazy no good for nothing BLM faggots. You all need to find out what real racism is, look In the mirror. See that punk he’s a scum bag racist BLDM white lives are just as important if not more so fuck off