Eh.. I'm kinda just feeling like I want to die right now.. I may just be acting petty, but one of my "friends" has been acting like an attention seeker lately, and its stressing me out trying to give him attention like 24/7. And when I try to fight back and express how I'm feeling, he just guilt trips me into the same toxic cycle, over and over again, by reminding me of his past and current problems, making me feel guilty about it..

As well as that friend tearing away at my mental state, another friend, who I honestly love, and respect, almost always puts me down, and physically hurts me, like slapping me (face, arms, basically everywhere else), and making it a normal thing for me to flinch whenever she raises a hand. And I can't retaliate, cause as well as my other "friend" she has had problems in the past, and feel like I'm obligated to stay her friend.

One last thing to vent about, this one guy who I love, and he loves me back, has been acting more.. non-affectionate, I guess you'd say, and it's just been getting me down a lot, because I want to give him, and want affection from him, and I just feel like it's a one sided relationship..

Yeah.. so, if anyone has any advice, or is willing to comfort me ^^"" please do