How do I know if there was anything at all?

U walked into my violin class and that was when I had this weird feeling. I never felt this before in my life. Then u started talking to me. I came to know we go to the same college. Ahh! U should have seen the happiness I felt. Then we started talking more. U were also part of the music club like me. So we used to talk during college hours, then after college in the club sessions and then evening in violin class. We used to tease each other so much everyone thought we were meant to be together. Some of our common friends even slipped this idea to me that maybe u like me. I was becoming confident of that day by day actually. Then one day u showed me a ring and asked if it was fake or original. Of course it was fake but i liked the way u asked me. I thought u were teasing me. Again. Then one day u told me about Pranathi. I think it was then I started to feel jealous. Then u told me it would never work even though u proposed her cause she was much older and she was practically engaged to get married. And that ring belonged to her as she gave it to u as a sorry gift. But somehow i was again happy. U were still giving me all that extra attention. Then our college fest came and aghh that day u were showing me even more attention. U even asked me about y there were so many couples and that u really want to be in a relationship. I guess i became a little more confident then. Then lockdown happened and suddenly one day u dropped the L bomb just not for me but u said there was another girl. U asked me whether u we were best friends. I being as stupid as I always was said yes and that's when u told me u love a girl called Niharika. U made me chat with her and get to know her too. In fact she made me her friend and was planning ur birthday with my help. One day u called me and cried saying she wasn't talking to u as much as she used to. Slowly our talks become less and less frequent and whenever u texted or called it was always about her. U started texting me once every week or so. That turned to once 2 weeks. Then u even forgot my birthday. U wished me at 11:56 on the night of my birthday telling me sorry I was busy but I could clearly see u keep stories and status of her and u all day. If at all u treated me as a best friend u should at least text me in the morning right? Like everyone else did. I get it. U love her now and it's time I move on. But I want to know. Was there anything at all between us before? How can I know ?