I believe everybody hates me.

Hi. I'm a 16 year old that like many others at this time, is trying their best to get through quarantine. I feel like I'm in a hopeless state and would appreciate any bit and even the simplest of advice. I wasn't expecting for any of this isolation to happen, and while it did make me realize a lot of things about myself, it has taken a toll on my mental health.

At this point, I am 100% it's not just my hormones, so you can stop blaming those first thing.

I keep thinking that every single person from my daily life hates me. After they say or do the LITTLEST thing, my first response is to overthink everything and instantly think that they hate me because of a certain way they did or said that thing.

When I look back at things I said and did I also think the same thing, that because I said or did that, they now hate me and think I'm weird/actually stupid. The problem is, there are no sings of them ACTUALLY thinking of me like that.

I've gotten to the point where I assume that everyone secretly hates me, even my best friend. I don't know how to make this irrational and overthinking go away, which has led to me feeling emotionally numb/depressed.

I don't know who to talk about it, I don't see why they would listen if they hated me... My parents are out of the question, I know they love me and that I love them, but finding out that their daughter has been having such dark thoughts is the last thing they need to hear right now.

I feel emotionally exhausted and then numb a second later. I can't stand this anymore. I never thought It'd come to this, but now I wonder what would happen if I would be gone...