I cant stop crzing and thinking abt this

i think my friend hates me we got into a fight and she called me fake and a bitch and said how rude and how annoying and my friends were and then when i tried to text her her mom answerd saying hi i have her phone your a bully and that i'm not aloud to text her ever again but 2 seconds later she texted my other friend but not as the mom, i prayed and have been crying for 1 hour because of this and because of the fact that she might never be my friend again, i prayed to god asking for forgivness and to be forgivin even though i did not do anything, my parents think i did something to make her mad but she said one of the the reason she was doing this was because we did not invite her to the beach 1 time, not that big of a deal but her call i guess. I don;t know what to because she is one of the only people i go to hang out with. Please pray for me that everything will end up being ok.