I don't know what to do and it's breaking my heart.


 I love my husband with all my heart. He is my soul mate but, I have a problem. There aren't many things that I like about him now,most of the time I cant stand being near him. I know that doesn't make sense.He doesn't work and that's something I came to terms with when we first started dating because at the time I was so crazy about him that it didn't matter if I was the only one working.He also kept the house clean and watched our child while I was working at first. He went to college and has a degree but now all that is good for is being a reminder of the debt we owe and the wasted potential that is his beautiful mind. He has gotten to where he wont clean,he barely cooks,i'm taking care of our three children when i'm home and he will whine and complain and act like every small mess (that he isn't going to clean anyway) is the end of the world. If I ever make the mistake of saying,i'm sore and need to sit down for a few minutes he all of a sudden needs me to do a bunch of things. He will wait for me to sit down and then say "before you sit down can you {insert request here}?" Sex is lacking to say the least. he has gotten to where more often than not he wont even penetrate me he stares at me and jacks off then tries to help me get off but he doesn't know how to rub me right and almost always ends up hurting me.When he does actually make love to me he very rarely satisfies me.I dont tell him about not being satisfied in bed because all it will do is hurt him. I have tried to talk to him about the house but it doesn't help. he also spends a lot of the day angry and screaming because we interrupt his gaming and that makes him ill. I don't want to leave him despite how this post may seem. I do love him and I don't want to live without him..but I wish things would get better.

Side Note: I am in no way trying to make myself seem like a perfect wife because im far from it. im sure he has a list of things he doesnt like about me too but I had to vent because today has just been to much