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6 months ago

i miss you

she was my best friend i told her i like this boy and all of a sudden she shut me off. she posted on her story saying that you should never fall for your best friend, so i then realised that she fell for me what i also realised was that i fell for her too. so i told her how i felt and it was great. we weren’t together but we were more than friends i couldn’t of been happier. but i got scared and started pushing her away. one night she got drunk and told me how much i hurt her and after that night is has never been the same. we didn’t go back to being best friends. when covid started and we all went on lockdown she told me she started feeling things again and told me that she wanted to kiss me and showed me so much love. so that’s when i fell deeply in love i put all my walls down and this time let all my emotions evolve around her. but one day she decided i weren’t good enough and shut me out she’s removed my number. i tried texting her on social media telling her i still love her and will wait because i care too much to let her go but she ignored me. ever since then i haven’t felt happy i’m in pain the moment i wake up to the moment i go to sleep. i feel numb but also so much pain at the same time

can someone please tell me how to feel okay again?