I need a sex purist, hi

Hello again, I saw my post before recieved a lot of veiws maybe girls I describe are too afraid because of this site or they not sure?

It is okay because I am afraid but we all have needs and I believe you do too so I will leave my details. I am willing to travel and take care of expenses, i am from Zürich Europe and safe from covid. I am mixed English and Swiss and our family has many colours we love this. Am owning my own business in chocolate but I cannot say which name on here because of status. I am young, strong, handsome and caring but with my lifestyle I need someone like described before Carnal pleasures only for now atleast. My girlfriend knows she cannot sometimes satisfy so she allow me for this. You can meet her, and we can have coffee. It is all comfortable. I am on dating site too but nothing is working for what I want. Maybe there is someone out there reading who cannot share their desire freely but want escape from their problems? Atleast just talk to me then, if you not sure, no harm done in talking:


With love,