I stole my cousins expensive items

So my cousin named Livi has always been treated better than me. So one day we were at our Aunt Ana's house and our Aunt Ana gave Livi- 100 dollar shorts, 234 dollar shoes, around 50 PINK bras, and designer sun glasses. I was SOOO jealous . Livi went to put the shorts, shoes, bras, and sunglasses upstairs in a suitcase . When Livi went downstairs I snuck upstairs when she wasn't looking and unzipped her suitcase and stole the shorts, bras, and sunglasses and put them in my bag . Around 4 hours later Livi went back upstairs to get her shoes out her suitcase , she noticed everything was missing so she went downstairs to see if Aunt Ana took them or something and she said no. Me knowing I had the stuff I hid my bag in Aunt Ana's sons closet. They were looking for the things all day long. Next day, Livi had to leave and I took my bag out of Aunt Ana's sons closet and went home with all the things. I still have them to this day and my mom just thinks Aunt Ana gave all the stuff to me.