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6 months ago


I wish that we were closer. I wish that we could actually have full on conversations with each other like a normal mother daughter relationship instead of only exchanging a couple words a day. I wish that I didn’t have to hesitate to tell you stuff about my life. I wish that I could just talk to you about my problems instead of hiding them and going to friends. I wish that things as simple as getting rides from you to places or you coming to support me at away games was easier. I wish that I wasn’t embarrassed to always having to ask my friends for rides. I wish that I didn’t have to be one of the only ppl whose parent(s) isn’t there to take them home. I wish that I didn’t have to think twice every time I want to ask you something. I wish I could just easily tell you everything going on in my life. I wish that I could tell you about my day and have it not seem weird. I wish that’d you ask me about my life. I wish that it wasn’t so awkward to ask each other how our days were. I wish I could just talk to you. I know you didn’t have really a relationship with your mom growing up. But why aren’t you being the mom you’ve always wanted your mom to be for you? I understand you work and have a baby to take care of. But little stuff matter too. I wish that I didn’t have to feel like I have to hide stuff from you. I wish that you could just think more about people’s feelings. And just take a second to think about others. That act you did yesterday, wasn’t even you. I can’t even look at you the same. And you don’t even apologize. You’re so stubborn it makes me so angry. You don’t even realize what you did. I am traumatized. I don’t even wanna look at you or be around you and you don’t even notice. You hurt me so much and you don’t even take a second to notice. I just, I wish our relationship was better in so many ways.