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7 months ago

Idk what got me here

As a kid, I always valued friendships and I still do. There was a time when I let my family down.. and since then I realised the importance of my family. Right now I’m in a very good place with my family.

idk what got me here.. everything was fine.. but lately I realised I have zero friends who care about me. They won’t text me until I text them..

idk where to start..

I’m engaged to a guy that I don’t love.. but I will marry him in few years bcoz I can’t let my family down

i hate to say this but i think I’m all alone when it comes to friends.. i got many friends but I’m the odd one out.. everyone in my group knows each other better and they hardly care about me

maybe I was expecting too much from them

its just that I feel sad and lonely and the fact that nobody cares if I exist or no.. is depressing