i’m in love

I am so madly in love, I love this guy so dearly much. I want to spend my entire life with him, and watch the sunsets, which is very corny, I know. I want to go to the county fairs and ride all of the sketchy rides haha. To spend the holidays with, and be that everlasting couple that has many stories to share with their grandchildren. To be that couple who thrives for each other, he is amazing to me, and he proves to me that he is the one. I just knowingly know that I couldn’t last without him nearby.

He makes me want to dance the night away even if my feet happen to be killing me. I want to walk down the aisle and see him on the other side. My parents approvingly nodding and smiling as they watch me do so. I want to go on beautiful picnics and to eat the ripest fruits. To sit by the ocean in the sand, and just enjoy it. Then laughing as the waves knock us down. I want to go to drive in movie theaters, and enjoy each other’s company. To feel that love for him, it’s just so beautiful.

I want to go on long journeys around the world with him, seeing what it has to offer, the beauty the world contains. I can’t wait to celebrate our anniversaries and to look forward to the next. To not be our parents ever, and to love each other. To stick with each other no matter how rough things are. To never hurt him, and to give him what he truly does deserve.

I want to give him the best, and to promise him the best. To reassure him that I will always be here for him, that my love for him never ends. You should see the way he smiles, the way he is so confident about himself. The way he smells, and how happy he gets about the little things. How he is so determined and hard working.

I love him, so very much. I know now that he is who I belong with. Before him I truly didn’t believe in soulmates and hadn’t had a second thought about them. Though love is so unexpected yet so beautiful.