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5 months ago

Is it bad that I get sad when I cant talk with my boyfriend?

My boyfriend and I does long-distance. He is really far away, on the other side of the world from where I am. Obviously, the timeline is different. When it is evening for me, it is midnight for him. He's a gamer and sometimes work very late so he's used to sleeping late like at 1 or 2am. We would always talk before he go to sleep, and sometimes I took a nap with him on the phone while he's sleeping on the other side. But sometimes, we both get busy and can't talk on the phone, just texting. W e dont text all day, of course, just a few hours in a day and sometimes not even an hour. I get sad so often that sometimes he gets annoyed by it. And when he does, it makes me more sad because I wonder if its not a normal thing to be sad when you cant talk to your boyfriend if you're in my situation?