Is there such thing as the wrong kind of attention?

Is there anybody else out there that gets attention from people their parents hang around? Sometimes when I’m around my moms male friends I get a feeling that there is sexual tension but now that I’m older they actually reach out to me and I feel like there is nothing else that they could want from me. It’s not that they directly come out and say that but I feel like if they were Trying to get a hold of my mom they would get a hold of her and not go through me since I am a grown now. There has been a time where one of her friends told me to get a hold of them and they were telling me that they wanted to have intercourse and now another hit me with what’s up and I told them they need to realize who I am before they try to talk to me some type away. Was I in the wrong for saying that because I assumed or are they in the wrong for even getting a hold of me? I don’t know I feel like I am flattering myself by jumping the gun but I don’t get that much attention and I don’t want them to think that I am easy.