Letting lose

So lately I’ve been feeling kinda insecure and worthless and it’s hard because I have really bad anxiety. Having bad anxiety is really hard to live with. I also have adhd and social anxiety. I mean it’s just not easy to go threw it all. But my friends have been laughing at me for no reason and they say they aren’t mad at me but I can just see it in there face that they are. Everyone comes to me with homework and they ask for help which is great but there all classes that I’m not taking this quarter for example coding. Im not taking that class until 4th quarter and i feel bad not being able to be right there when they need help with that stuff you know? I’m here for all my friends when they need help but I feel left out, sad, mad, upset and just losing my self confidence. Everyone says I’m to skinny, to short, ugly, basic white girl, a whore, and a noob. I try to fit in with others and it doesn’t help at all. Nothing I do works anymore. My great aunt passed last week and i didn’t know her well but it’s a loved one like I’m obviously gonna be sad about it. My best friends friend started coming after me and she had no reason for it at all. But they don’t apologize or anything they go on with there day/night and the next day they act like nothing ever happened. See what I mean I feel like I’m in the wrong world.

Okay that’s really it but I needed to let lose a bit.