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6 months ago

love you dad

i miss my dad who died about a month ago i feel like my world stopped spinning or a huge boom has come to my life that destroyed everything when actually when you see from the outside everything is spinning and lives are continuing in every way you can see its only me who cant

he died because of Corona virus

i couldn't say goodbye

i wish i can be okay as he always wanted me to be but that doesn't make me stop of being sad

the definition of every meaning i began to feel it or breath it from seeing death from watching my daddy die ,

he was too good to me that sometimes i feel i dont deserve a man like him , im happy for raising me right , and making me believe in destiny of Allah

in feeling everything but never ever be angry of Allah is well , my only consolation that i believe in Allah and in heaven and you are in a happy place my dear .

but forgive me of feeling too weak of missing you i miss our talks,laughs ,you providing me everything to be the best version of me.

i miss you , im so afraid that this amount of missing you turning into anger and im trying my best to contain it and saying

if allah want it he will manage it .

love you my dad