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I just happened to come across a gory incident on this blog site.

So a huge shout out to all my female friends on here, no matter the age.

  1. If a man forces you to have sex with him say no. Don't let him/her take advantage of you. Call the police. DON'T TAKE CHANCES.
  2. Know the dangers. Know the man you're going to sleep with.
  3. Ask him if he has any STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) or any history of it. And if he/ she does have anything like that DO NOT INDULGE IN INTERCOURSE. Just tell that you don't wanna have sex firmly and walk out. Don't let your emotions play with your mind, its a matter of your life.
  4. Make your partner to wear a CONDOM please, no matter what he tells.
  5. If you feel manipulated or used stay away from that person no matter how much you like him/her. That's not love. That's toxic.
  6. If you have been touched inappropriately or in a way you felt uncomfortable, say NO and get out of there. Talk about this to your parents, friends, or teachers. DON'T BE QUIET.
  7. If you're uncomfortable about having sex, tell him. HE HAS NO RIGHT TO FORCE YOU.
  8. And lastly, know your rights; you can speak out about this.

There have been so many incidents about rapes happening in public.....Right on the pavements; even during a protest.

If you ever happen to see such incidents please alert the authorities. Don't just walk away.

And men who have a go at women with filthy motives, remember how you came into this world.