my pretty little secrets

I've been interested on older guys lately, like growing up i wanted to be with an older guy. No but not like the old old type man, like probably 6 years age gap. But honestly, i just want a guy who knows how to handle things, very mature, and had experience alot so he can teach me these and those. But like honestly honestly, i'm more for a muscular guy, but not so bulky like as if it's their veins are gonna pop off. Also, i'd like it more when they have tattoos lol.

Also, this second secret i have is, pretty sexual i may say. Like, i have this blanket, a normal type one, not really thin but not really big just normal type. You know ahaha i'm kinda embarrassed but oh well i'm anonymous anyway. So when im alone ( me and my siblings share one room, we're all girls by the way ), so i listen to audios okay, no not videos ( i just don't like seeing it lol but sometimes i do when it comes to yaoihshshs ), just like what i said before, i have a blanket i would shape it like some pillow or something. And lmao, okay, i would grind into it while listening to audios. I don't know if it sounds weird but for me it's weird, like when after doing it i kinda regret doing it i'd doubt my life and why am i like this, but i'm a clown so i still do it anyway. But seriously, it's just kinda feel good for me. Oof