My relationship

I don't understand sometimes what's happening with me . I have a boyfriend and we have been dating for quite some time . Things weren't always perfect with us there's been things he did that hurt me alot and maybe I did a thing that hurt him

But I am really in love with him. I don't wanna lose him . But sometimes he is so dominanting . It was our anniversary he forgot and didn't even wish me when I told him so he said it's not a big deal .

Whenever I call him or text him he is too busy and when I complained about it he says he has work to do or he is with his friends just hanging out. I really feel lonely sometimes . I don't have much friends . He always thinks his friends are saints and my friends are evil . When I followed my old friend (we had our ups and downs) he abused me

Whenever I say things like you are a bit dominating or something in response he says so just go to a person who's not dominating. He has taken me for granted I think .

I can't handle anything but self respect is important . Now I am not talking to him or anything but I miss him so much . I don't think he even misses me as such and tommorow is my birthday and I don't thinks he even cares to wish .