My sister has anger issues

We were just playing a normal game of among, I was trying not to act suspicious so I was gonna along to whoever they were accusing. Turns out they were accusing my sister. Then she started yelling at me, she said I’m terrible at the game and she is better, (note, that only today she figured out that you had to connect the wires to fix the wiring, and she screams when someone is walking) then when I was about to speak she started to tell me to shut my mouth. In a fit of rage I threw the tv remote I was holding at her and stormed off as she continued to say to me to shut my mouth. The last thing I said was “ I’M ALLOWED TO TALK!!” And the last thing she said was “why are you crying!? I didn’t even do anything!” I told my sibling never to talk t9 her again and unless she fixes her anger issues she deserves to die.

another topic she gets easily enraged by us my brother and fruits,

my brother hates almost every fruit on the planet. One day me, my younger sister, my brother and my older sister were eating in the living room when I asked her “If I ask this question, promise not to get mad.” So she said “if it’s a dumb question of course I’m going to get mad”.

i ask her if she knows that people have different opinions...

she got really mad and said, “OF Course I know!” (Let me just call my brother dan)

she continues, “ but Dan just doesn’t try stuff properly!”

at this point I knew what my sister was like so I didn’t make a fuss but I also wanted to prove for once that she was wrong! So I tell her “ so if you don’t like something and someone else doesn’t like it too it’s perfectly fine? Then how come all of a sudden when someone doesn’t like something that you like you say they don’t try it properly?”. My sister starts yelling again, “ well that’s because he doesn’t try it properly!!” Dan entered the conversation, ( I will call my sister Anna) “ Anna why do you have such serious anger issues?” Anna decided that we all don’t get it so since she is the oldest, she slaps him, “ your all just dumb and don’t understand anything!”

My brother, Dan, starts to cry, (he is ten years old) I add, “ you don’t like certain soups, so that means you didn’t try it properly”

Anna is really mad and is basically screeching at this point, “ That’s the thing! I TRY IT PROPERLY BUT THEY DON’T”

in my sense, I’m not very picky about food, unless it is really bad. She starts to scream so loud my parents can hear it from upstairs. My mom comes down, to find my brother is tears, my sister very red, my little sister (5 yrs old) crying and me, perfectly calm and fine at the dinner table. I want to clarify that I wasn’t smiling because I was happy I was smiling because I thought I finally won, I thought that I finally proved to my sister that I was right for once, I was also smiling because I was trying to keep my cool. My older sister starts yelling and explains first, but all she really says until she calms down is, “ mama! They don’t understand anything!” My brother also keeps repeating that my sister slapped him, my little sister is just layed down on the couch crying. Then my mom asks me what happened. I said that I asked my sister not to get mad when I asked her the question, my sister but’s in “of course I would get mad because the question was dumb!” When she finishes, I continue to tell her that she said if the question was dumb of course I was going to get mad. Then my sister stops me again and yelled that we were dumb. I proceeded to explain the question, “ I asked her if she knew that everyone had opinions” my brother then started crying again and saying that my sister slapped him. My mom told me to finish, but before I could say another word, my sister butted in again and tried to make herself look good on the situation by telling the story differently, this was her story, ( I’m going to call myself weirdo

“ I was just eating peacefully chatting with them, asking them about school, when weirdo over there decided to ask a fairy inappropriate question. Asked me if I knew that people had opinions, to everyone in the room this was very concerning because they know I am the older one, therefore I know more. She continuously slapped Dan and then yelled at me for being dumb.” She continued, “ then I said, so if you don’t like something and someone else doesn’t like it too it’s perfectly fine? Then how come all of a sudden when someone doesn’t like something that you like you say they don’t try it properly? And then weirdo said we don’t understand anything! That is the truth mama whatever she says is a lie. My mom instantly began to take her side and scold my brother and me. I calmly walked upstairs, prayed, then when straight to bed. I could hear my sister and my little sister and brother eating ice cream. I was t allowed any. That night I secretly cried when no one was in the room, I hid my face und er the blanket and cursed my family’s name. I couldn’t believe them! Why is it that my sister gets whatever she wants, and why is it that every time we mention that she gets whatever she wants she says that we are spoiled and get whatever we want.

that all for now.