Only best thing in my life

The only best thing i have in my life is my Bestie @A...We have met in face book when I was B tech 3rd year...I just gave reply for the Unknown message for the first time in my life....He said me to install Instagram and at the same time my another hostel friend have suggested me to install Instagram.Then after 1 week my phone has been broken and we dont have contact.I didn't even remember @A.After 6 months when I have a new phone as usual,I installed Instagram. surprisingly,I have many messages from @A...In that way we became besties..Its been 3 years now.I think we fought more than 500 times.Yes I dont know but,I will be happy and am sure,till now this is the only great and happiest thing in my life...God must be really crazy!!!!....I will irritate him like anything...Like once I shouted at him on the road itself...But still he will understand me and forgive me but never left me!!!!!!!...Instead I said him many times that I dont wanna talk.I dont like your friendship.Many times I blocked him in everything.But still he keeps efforts to talk.3 times he travelled 25 kms just to talk to me when I blocked him in all the social media apps....And we have no secrets and yeah I know each and everything of his life...And I have many things to share but its enough....Everyone thinks this may be a love ,but this is not love for sure. We have conversation about this even and we decided to stay besties forever!!!!!!!