I joined this Discord Server a month ago. It’s been well until the first accident where some manipulation and guilt tripping happened. Then the second problem came. My friends kept back talking and being bitchy to my other friends. I hate them. I would like to name them but I won’t. I’ll just list their first letter names. They just start with K, B and C. They are all mean. The second problem hurt me a lot. Everyone ganged up on me cause I was tryna protect the friend they back talked. Then they get angry over an emoji I used. “What does that mean?” I was very stressing out cause another friend of mine had a panic attack cause of that accident. I used the massage 💆‍♀️ emoji and everyone though and assumed I was laughing at him for having a panic attack. I couldn’t handle it anymore so I left the server. I want to dispose most of my relationships in there. I hate it there. I didn’t laugh once in there. I just cried. And then I start talking in French. Cause I’m currently taking French in school. And they get fucking pissed. Yet earlier they spammed the fucking chat with stuff as well. And then they assume yet again. I hate everyone there except some people. I wish I never joined there. Everyone there biases and is shit.