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6 months ago

Read this cringy teen's cringe :3

There's a girl that I like. 1 year older than me but whatever bagdfgwnggngwrn. Well, I met her through a social platform.

It wasn't love at first sight but rather I slowly began to fall in love with her because of her personality. Ofc I won't be confessing to her anyday soon and lmao she lives 4500+ km away from me. Being her friend is the closest thing that I can be. Texting her makes my day. What else. It hasn't been even a year since I met her. And I don't think my teen-broke-ass

will be able to reach the place where she lives. Lmao for some reason I sound like a simp dmryjrhtmjry whateve's.

Hope this article made you cringe and have a nice day :)