should i feel guilty?

about a few days ago i exposed a “friend” for saying the n word twice as she took a really bad photo of me and sent it to my ex bf while all his friends were calling me , whale , slag and adding me to group chats and making me feel so worthless after our breakup. she took the worst possible photo of me at the beach and it was being sent round the whole of his town. so i thought the suitable thing would be to expose her as karma. then somebody had screenshots of her sister saying it and my EX posted it and it spiralled quickly . then her mum called the n word black chav talk and her mum has just texted me saying that she’s contacted the police and my school after recieving threats. i’ve already got a bad impression on the police because of my family and this isn’t the first time i’ve been on report at school. their family didn’t apologise for being racist rather they just threw it on me without thinking why i posted it and i still haven’t gotten an apology from the awful photo that was spread and all the body shaming comments yet their family didn’t even apologise for being racist . so , should i feel guilty ?