Step 1


I go by the name Jess. I remember, I was 8 at the time. My parents left me in my friend's place with her father and my friend. We were playing and watching TV. Things were normal. But then out of nowhere her father put his hand inside my top and started touching my niples. I froze. I didn't know what to do. My friend was younger than me and she didn't know what was happening nor did I. He then took my hand and placed my palm near his upper thigh.

The days passed. I couldn't tell my parents. Something left wrong. I knew it was wrong. But I couldn't speak up. Then weeks passed. Months... Years... I'm 20 years old now and the trauma has come back to me.

I'm older now and I know it wasn't rape but I do know now that it was sexual assault. I keep getting flashbacks. I can't sleep at night. I read about to cope up with situations like this and the first step is talking about it. I have friends who were sexually assaulted too but by strangers...Men passing by.. They were able to talk about it but in my case it was a friend of my parents. It was my friend's dad and I couldn't talk about it. I still can't tell my parents about it even though we moved from that country for college. It's all coming back like as if it happened yesterday. I realize that I managed to shut out the incident for 12 years. Now to deal with the flashbacks and bad memories I need to speak up.

So, here I am trying to heal. I was sexually assaulted. I am safe now.