The Emotion of it all

I don't know how to begin to describe it, it's someting like anxiousness mixed with sadness and an emptiness that is unbearable.

It all started a few months ago when my family moved, I was lost everything had changed. I found comfort in my friends, they have always helped me with any problems I faced. They never hesitated to help if I needed it.

About 3 months ago both of them lost their jobs after having a baby(most adorable face I have ever seen). After finding out the terible news the feeling grew stronger, it almost felt like I was being consumed by something from he inside. Since then I have been having sleepless nights, my motivation for life has just been drained out. Yesterday I found out that they are also moving and leaving me alone. These people that became my family after almost 10 years of friendship are also abandoning me even though they don't have a choice I am still dissapointed that it had to come to this. The sad part is everyone is moving to the same area of the country a loong way from me, leaving me without a support group. I have wonderd if I should also make the move to be closer to them, but the uncertanty is also "killing" me. I am at a standstil in my life not nowing witch way to go and what to do next. I wish I could get an answer that could help me with some advise.

The only thing that keeps me going is the support I have to give my friend trough the rough journey they have to face, this support to them keeps my mind away from my own emotions and problems.