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4 months ago

The life i live

What a a world we live in a world so large nd i still feel so small

A world so full and i still feel so empty

I am surrounded by thousands but still so alone

No one to talk to no one to share my feelings

Times when i try to talk to people they say i seek nothing but pity

Times when i decide to keep to my self they claim I am acting depressed like i am being maltreated

I got out there nd put up a big smile nd dey say " why not she has the world at her beck and call"

But deep down is a slowly withering rose

All i want is someone to understand

To feel my pain

To join my happiest times

To tell me it's gonna be alright

Not to tear my down

Or envy my joy

Nor tell me"stop seeking attention in form of pity nd smile"

When will i find dat Messaiah dat will comfort and guide

How i long for a listening ear.....Oh how