The name of the university professor who raped me

The name of the professor who raped me my rapist is Gr— A———Gr——-

More clues: He has a very large head and is an ugly motherfucker. He looks like the predator aliens without the helmet. He has a distinctive walk. He moves his shoulder up and down and does a weird slump. It’s weird. Anyway, RAPIST.

When I met him he told me he didn’t have a middle name, so imagine my shock when I find out later he has a middle name. He literally forgot he had a middle name.

Not only that, he lied about his date of birth what kind of a human being forgets their own date of birth? A man was intending to rape someone and then decides that they don’t want to get away with it so they feed you false information. That motherfucker called me after Bill Cosby was convicted of rape. Told me he had sweet memories of our time together. Please note, he raped me and then called me a WHORE after that.