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The Perfect religion

           The perfect religion


              1-6 parts 

                 Part 1

They call themselves men of the perfect religion,

For the people had risen 

Those times were unpleasant,

the idolators were in a one sided war with the crescent


The Indus people were proud of their ancient fame, 

Mispronounced by invaders who came to beat them in their game, 

marred by superstitions 

Brainless rituals and caste addictions

Their faith in state of aggravations 

The Sufis and Kabirs were bringing the air mystical, 

A man of true intention rose from the lands and truly irresistible 

The men were taught a formless god and a life of resilience, 

And made these Idolators into something else 

They were brave against face of tyranny,

like the Marthas who were the only resistance manly 

What makes the now followers think they are owed a debt, 

For they were not the ones who had broken a sweat 

The valour and intentions of the masters is never be questionable,

But they were human and made larger than life by their disciple 

Cause the power given was usually dynastic,

The self sponsored modest accounts were made fantastic 

Their yes men made up a few miracles which for followers was true,

Like magical appearance of a fresh water spring to whirling the Mecca and a trip to Mount Meru 

Marred with frequent family feud,

The masters had a few sons who liked to brood, 

They started their own sects often being later subdued 


What started as a much needed reform became a armed revolution after the murder of the 5th, 

It was impertinent to pay them back or the blood of the innocents would have drenched the earth

So they transformed  from being spiritual leaders 

Into a martial race all out on the oppressors 


The modern day interpreters say the masters equalled both sexes and one true love as their faith was the latest,

still some of them married more than one and the thought of other gender pass sermons gets temple holders pissed 


               Part 2 

Created by plagiarism of other given religious text, 

Deeply understanding of the “living book” for the common reader may leave him perplexed 

Still being copied it uplifted the deflated,

Who was told to take pride in it although he wasn’t educated 

For they forgot where to stop and wrote erotica in a ancient language of migrants on the scripture tenth, 

With self contradiction and confused idealism the text went to a extreme length

No doubt its final print is heavily edited and not spoken of ,

Wait If u speak of rasmala it would be enough 

Each night tucked to bed and awoken at the break of the morning ,

The supreme masters book also a god, is  handled with rituals and these customs need  questioning

Cause this is a bibolatory not different from idolatory, 

Where the formed physical is revered with all the fanatical glory 

Each day thousands of the guardians of the faith who have untrimmed tresses and thousands who used trimmers, 

Move in like ants and bow around a product made up of wood if not stone with various glitters 

They borrowed obtuse concepts of karma and reincarnation, 

The walk in circles in the wedding function, 

The over-imaginative potraits of the masters a heretical seduction

After the invaders and tyrants were no longer a threat ,

The stock value of the new faith was upset 

 The shareholders  then planned elaborate,

Of who will be theirs and how to fix the bait 

So the faith evolved to politics, statecraft and to-dos & not-to-dos 

With logic and spiritualism at complete loss 


The casteless faith didn’t cared much for the lower, 

And they had to start anew and their lives are still sour 

And those who didn’t agree and worshiped differently were labelled heretical,

While the immoral and power hungry are welcomed cause they to lead to financial arithmetical 

If the men of god are characterised by the length of their hair,

Then maybe the sense of righteousness is in dispair  

If a man is gets promoted to higher moral ground just by covering his head in a certain way,

Then it’s a ritual and has lead to a mental decay 

It seems now a scissor will decide who will not run this flaw,

A gal named Gurleen who wanted to study medicine in temple run college brought these administrators to the law 

The law sided with the thugs,

And said the ones who had gone in the parlour are not their own ones 

With this they claim they are now a minority in their own province they swear, 

But they don’t stop collections from people who cut their hair 

                 Part 3 

The intentions men of many-gods is every so often suspected  

Although many work as doctors, engineers and businessmen; their contribution seldom accepted 

The merchant caste resemble the greedy Shylock,  is alleged 

the turbaned co-religionists from the west often mocked,

Maybe the look and talk is a bit offset, 

Still they seem to be the most assiduous among the blessed, 

Often viewed as duplicitous and shrewd 

The once simple-minded warrior-pleasantry class famed for their bravado,

their fortunes divindling thanks to their lust of show,

Not a few are vile casteist and their minds shallow 

Next comes the untouchables, generations of submission 

Who left the idolaters and called by the master literally “of religion”

Their fate is still in same condition 

For what was promised If fulfilled would lead class collusion 

Can the Jat girls marry them with their fathers permission?

The masters envisioned casteless masses

With surnames of lions and princesses 

The tenth guru forbade against class clashes 

Yet we see use of final last name

such as Aulakh or Arora, such a shame

They can’t help it and have excuses which are lame

From being casteist to issues of female foeticide,

They look away after drinking from Sarovar as their morals have long died

Playing into politics of faith, over-panicked about the safety of their religion,

They turned the state affairs into a joke by giving powers to the corrupt who plundered without a petition 

                Part 4

What’s heretical in believing different,

The nirankari sect elicited response abhorrent, 

Their head was eliminated by a fanatic adherent,

Convicted by law but later made a Jathedar Sant,

So a faith which invests in criminal delinquent

Denial is a condition much of the followers are living,

They fail to call one mister Jarnail a hate mongering terrorist -a misgiving 

Proclaimed a saint and his defiance inspires respect,

He sent his henchmen to execute unarmed men and law would never protect,

The editor just wrote pieces irksome enough to get his life eject,

And they called his methods correct 

He made the temple supreme into a fucking  armoury,

The army gave a warning but things were going to be unsavoury, 

The commoners who came for worship became human shields by the predatory,

The unholy men of god didn’t care much of the temple’s glory,

In the end it was scene too gory 

Perstige of the temple was lost when armed terrorists made it their den instead army and government got blamed 

The brave santji now a declared martyr had fled and hid in the temple since 82 to avoid police action a warrant proclaimed 

He conveniently fled during skirmish with the nirankari sect even when his several men got killed and tamed 

The Armed Turban wearing personal bodyguards killed with all disrespect,

an unarmed woman and a leader of The country whom they were to protect, 

it was her sluggish decision making which caused all this to take this effect, 

Afterwards frenzied animals gave humanity a neglect

While they may have been wronged by the state,

They easily forget what lawlessness were did before the 84 riots fate,

Calling a spade a spade,

Is what is needed instead of hate 

What was the need to kill the innocent labour migrants who were not looking for a confrontation,

They also chased away many business competitors, caused executions and extortion 

The non-belivers were routinely executed in line,

After removing them from buses and a few hijackings of airline, 

In this fight there was nothing divine 

                 Part 5

Why the need of a Stan , 

when they themselves have always dreamed  of country of maple leaf overwhelmed by their clan 

Confused by their identity and alienated among its brethren brown lot,

most youth don’t  give a sane thought, 

Instead years of hate taught,

eases them to get away from the land their progenitors fought. 

With land holdings vanishing and the agriculture unattractive, 

the youth of these lands have no real education or the capacity to be adaptive

They try not to get along the mainstream,

Cause the hatred and prejudice never loses its steam 

 The vices of drugs and liquor,

Daydreams to get swiftly and effortlessly richer 

The music they perceive, 

very much reaffirms what they believe,

Always casteist, violence and exploits of the jatts is the only spiel

With no intention of higher education, 

They horde to move in a foreign nation 

Cause for them it’s easy to tongue a white man’s bottom,

Than work in their country with their own rotten 

The work is menial,

And the pay being trivial, 

They manage to live in basements with their brown convivial 

The engineers now drive a taxi,

For their own failures they blame their land aptly,

 To justify their own Canadian fancy,

Their folks just sold years of savings easily

A brainless drain or a drain of economy ?

The Canadians can’t fathom what’s lurking, 

With all the investments they are earning,

may be a poisonous snake they are petting 

The nefarious ones having controlled their temples in these foreign lands too,

They work out with networking in the electoral avenue, 

Hence the k-stanis now in their parliament and make claims untrue

They hush past the air India bombing,

are shameless and not embarrassed with anything,

The truth is distorted for their own thing 

They have never wished to come back so why the nose poking,

The k-Stan which in their hearts thrives,

Is far away from their comfortable western lifes,

Their heirs are presented exaggerated lies and their sense nosedives 


                 Part 6

Their is complete irony of sorts 

The rituals of others are also your own imports

Bluestar a raw wound but no problem of Santji making the temple his personal resort 

A 1984 Sikh genocide in the country but no acceptance of target killings of other non-believers as history exhorts

The k-stainis living in secular western countries want a state based out of their religious asserts

Still most men and women of this helm,

Have achieved numerous feats in every realm, 

They have worked hard and are illustrious personnel 

The aid workers are true heroes and compassionate, 

They serve in community kitchens and have become humanity’s best advocate 

Their numerous contributions can’t be assessed, 

Maybe they are truly blessed, 

But they  are not the only ones whose a few had transgressed

And certainly not the only ones whose people progressed

Cause there can’t be only one religion perfect

There is a lot to do in present with a little introspect 

need is to look inward, 

correct all the absurd,

The truth is all layered, 

The phobia, the exaggerated lies and the malign be now abhorred,

The relations damaged with undue hate now be repaired!