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8 months ago

The wrong partner choices and my conclusion!

I would like to make a confession to you, I am 23 years old and 5 years ago, I had a relationship with a peer. Because it was my first relationship, I was tied up and hurt when he finally left me in the most difficult moment of my life. I had a lot of family problems, like he did then, and I thought it was normal for a couple to share everything. When I entered my school, there was someone in the group who had shown great interest in me. I was still in a relationship, I didn't show interest, until my ex broke up with me. My mistake was that I made the move to approach him just to fill the gap of the former. It was the biggest mistake I ever made.

The separation was still fresh and my heart was still there. Many times I called him by name the name of my previous relationship. He understood that I was not ready for a relationship, but he had no problem. All he wanted was for me to be under his control. He took advantage of the depression that overwhelmed me, I was going through very difficult times and instead of protecting me, he wanted to take me away from everyone and everything. He tried to make me feel better with lots of gifts, travel and excursions but I never managed to feel in love and to love him as a partner.

After 2 years, I improved psychologically and physically, as I also faced a health problem. I was myself again, I found my identity. As you can see, the bubble burst and I decided to break my bonds and leave this man. His outburst was horribly dangerous and violent. I have to take precautionary measures and leave the house for 3 months. He was threatening to hurt me. He even asked me for the gifts he had given me, officially telling me that my parents were not offering me anything and he even hit me for feeding me all this time.

Time has passed and I have made a new wonderful relationship. I am really happy with a man who respects me, loves me and wants only my good! I am psychologically and physically healthy and happy!

My conclusion is to be patient for the best to come. Don't give your body and soul to people you don't want.