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7 months ago

This is what love is

When you meet someone who makes you laugh like hell, make you stay up 'til 3 AM, see you cry and still be there the next day, somehow, for a short period of time, darkness fades. Each day with that person is not something ripped out of a fairytale with fancy balls and glittery dresses. When you're with them you're the author of your own story, instead of fake little giggles, you both laugh like hell, instead of holding hands while dancing, you both run the streets or play like little kids while holding each other's hand. Every moment feels so surreal, the moment you found someone who made you feel that way, it felt surreal. But for a moment, you start to think what would happen once they go away and then you're left by yourself in the darkness, again. But remember this, even if they do leave, don't be afraid to hold out your hand. Don't be afraid to go in for that kiss. Don't be afraid to love. Love is not measured by the number of days or months you had because when you are with the right person, a second can feel like a lifetime. It's always better to try, it's better to live the rest of your life knowing that you loved them fully, even if they become a memory. Memories don't always have to be sad or tragic, they're just moments that paused. And even if that person goes away or change, then at least that memory will remind you how it felt like, how perfect it was... how perfect it would always be. Not every other person you meet will give you your happy ending, but I'm sure as hell they'll give you a ton of memories and stories. Stories that you'll someday laugh at with your happy ending as you close your eyes and lay next to them. Love is in all forms, in different ways, and in different people.