This Time

Charges should be brought this time.

When the weak of the community are prayed on by someone in the community, it looks bad on the hole town. How many other women and disabled people have fallen prey to him? Yet he walks. Thats got everything to do with being afraid to speak out. Embarrassment over how we are is what he counts on to keep him safe.

You see, how I am is what keeps me afloat. He works by taking advantage of the weak. Pity and handouts unfortunately is what helps make ends meet.

I wasnt born like this. It took a monster of a human being to make me like this. I am slightly embarrassed because i can still remember what it was like before the brain damage. Yet, its not going to hurt to bad to stand up and beg for help. Pride? Ive got none. Because i can still remember . Soo i aint gonna loose none when i go out and start asking for help to rebuild.

Although, they will ask for charges to be brought for proof of my need. My car? Them tires need to be put back how it was. I aint gonna walk in the winter for grocceries. I did it for to many years.

Sooo, when proof of my needs is mandated, i will do what needs to be done to fix the issue. Im asking for help.

Theirs an unwritten rule that ive known for a long time.


I may not be a man, yet as a single mother I have had to step into the role. That car is my childrens means of eating. You got a special deal and walked with cash in your pocket. You took the specialty tires and put on a set that fucked the the salvage rebuilt undercarrage.

You fucked with my car. Ive no problem doing this the way the fine upstanding citizens are gonna want this done.

Hopefully, it dont come out in court about you herpes and warts. That would be such a downer to your sex life.