To My The One That Got Away

I’m MJ 25.. it’s 2:01am (Wednesday) and my thoughts are killing me. Maybe because i’m sad about what happened nowadays. So, right now i’m typing this because i can’t sleep. When i closed my eyes my mind keeps on thinking about things that i want to happened. So, there’s this guy from 3 years ago we met because of a friend and we’ve met in the most funny situation. His friend hooking up with my friend then his friend wants to sleep with my friend. 🤣 Then the guy that wants to hook up with my friend have no cellphone or anything available to contact. There’s this girl their friend who get my number then she gave it to my EX. Then to make this story short he message me looking for his friend asking me if he’s okay 😅 (funny tho) i’m so rude at that time because i’m so annoyed. Then he keeps on chatting me everyday. Then i got curious and search him on social media. My heart beats fast when i saw his profile IDK felt weird. (ACTUALLY I HAVE AN ONGOING TRASH RELATIONSHIP THAT TIME) then we kept on talking.. updates and all then he insisted that he wanted to see me. So, why not. Then my heart drops the first time i saw him. We had dinner, arcade all of the things that i want in a date. And i feel the connection in him. Then we started seeing each other in a couple of months (I BROKE UP WITH MY TRASH RELATIONSHIP BTW). My TOTGA teach me how to love myself more and more. Everything is perfect! He’s family, siblings everything. I love them so much. Then the saddest part is he left me to pursue his career tho i have no assurance that if he comes back his feelings are still the same as we were before. My heart wait him for a year wishing that things will go back as before. But i was wrong when he came back he’s a different person now i really dont know him anymore. How the way he treat me and all. So, i accepted it! That’s life ! Well now, to end this 2:24am my heart is still wishing to come back how the way we was before. He’s the best guy that i coudn’t ever imagine. I miss him and if he comes back i will accept him with all my ❤️