to the greatest love i had

can you still remember, love? how i’ve spent months thinking it’s you i will never have? 

can you still remember how you’ve told me it’s fine to tell you my deepest darkest scars? how you’ve whispered those words while holding me in your arms?

i saw how you’ve nurtured my soul— thinking it was finally you because once again, you made me whole. 

but once again too, fate played a big joke upon us. how can he take away a love that was meant to last?

now, all i need to do was ride into the process of moving on but how can i when there are still pieces of you left in my heart for me to hold on? 

but don’t worry, my love for you has already faded as your love for me already did. i wish you all the best in life but know that even though we may walk on separate paths and fall in love again, you’ll always be here. 

you’ll always be my one greatest love.