toxic friendship

i have been friends with her for around two years now. we became best friends in freshman year, she has been my only friend since then. we got to know each other pretty quick, she's kind of a social butterfly sometimes, everyone liked her and everyone hated me because i was that weird "anti-social" kid with no friends.

over time i had the courage to come out as aromantic and asexual to her. she said she was a lesbian and she even had a girlfriend. a few weeks later from my coming out she came out as aromantic and asexual as well. she broke up with her grilfriend a few days later. i was ok with it, i didn't give it much thought at that time but she started dressing the way i do. it got so worse that people were mistaking us with twins. she dyed her hair my colour and bought almost the same glasses i wear. and in the end she even copied my entire personality but made it extroverted. now she has the same goals as me, the same dream job and she does everything i do the same as me but she gets the appreciation because she's the extroverted me that everyone loves.

a few months in our friendship i told her a few triggers of mine and she uses them on me almost daily and acts like she did nothing. she knows about my depression and suicidal tendencies, as well as the attempts. she knows how easy i break and that i need her but she always ignores me and leaves me all alone then acts all surprised when i try to cut her out of my life. i really want to break our frienship but then i will be once again all alone and i prefer having my life stolen from me rather than being alone and broken.

i tried to make new friends, i really did but after a few days or weeks they end up ghosting me, so i just gave up on that option.