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7 months ago

We loves master

Hi! I know you are not aware of this. I am still writing this to you.I haven’t spoken to you in about 5 years now but I still love you. We broke up in 2015 and I cannot believe that I’ve loved only you since then. This is not for sympathy,this is not for attention, you are not aware of this. You don’t know How I am. I don’t know how are you. Everything is different now, yet I am writing this just to feel better.. I am bounded by you, your pictures, your memories. I miss you every single day. I miss you every single time I see your picture. I tried but i couldn’t move on. I miss you my love, I miss you my master..

I don’t want you to read this, I want others to read this,I want other people to know how much I love tou, without disclosing my name or your name. If you read it you probably will never guess it that I wrote it for you. I know you love writing and you probably have heard about this website but I needed to leavey feelings on the internet.. I want people to read my feelings and feel sad about the fact that we are not together anymore..