What are your regrets?

i just wanna share my recent regret out coz I want to finally forget about it. I liked someone i met online and we really hit it off. But because of my painful past, I didnt want to meet him in person yet until i settle things with myself. I didnt want him to see me the way i am back then. He said he'd wait but 5-6 months had passed, and I was close to getting healed when he said he didnt want to wait any longer. So he kinda blew me off and I begged him to see me in person even though i wasnt ready to see him. It was my fault really, because he asked me 4 times during those 5-6 months—gave me space but I'd always made up excuses. I really really liked him but the situation im putting myself into is not good for my mental health.

In the end, he still said he didnt want to do anything with me anymore and asked me if we could still be friends. After all i did, did he really think we could still be friends? Hell no! So yeah, i kinda regretted not healing any sooner and begging him right after that but hey, healing isnt somthing that should be rushed.

Because who would know I would have someone so much better than him right now?

A new version of me♡

How about u guys? What are your regrets?