What should i do?

I’ve been dating my bf for 3 years now but I gradually losing interest in him because he never really changes. He keep cursing me whenever he likes and if I didn’t reply his text under 1 minute he will call me many times and starts accusing me having an affair. Whenever i tried to breakup with him many times before but he know how to manipulate people especially his friends and they will always said I’m an ungrateful gf and a golden digger. I never asked him for money or buy me stuff unless HE himself gave it to me. Its really stressing me out and it took a toll in my mental health. I used to be a very cheerful and friendly person but he manipulate and control me to make sure I don’t interact with anyone especially if its a guy. I’m tired of this relationship and have been hanging on for a year now, I can’t do anything because many of his friends went to the same college as me and some of them are in the class as me, i just don’t want to be bullied