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7 months ago

What’s the point

Started the day off ok today, partner then got upset, plans didn’t go through.

we argued for ages, I’ve been told to leave and stay away so I do that, hour n half later after I’ve decided that because I didn’t have enough money for transport was to walk.

she messages says she feels like she’s thrown in the towel to early, I say my piece she then says we will have one conversation and it will determine the outcome of our relationship. bare in mind I’ve been with this girl for 4 years.

i get to the door and all I get off her is her friend is coming over and she’ll probably be doing shit with him

ive never been as fucking low as I have today I’m not going to do anything stupid like self harm etc but I’m honestly between a rock and a hard place with wondering why I’m even bothering to carry on this life.