When you find that solid 10/10 man

Last night I had some of the best sex of my life. I'm 19, my partner is 20. We have both only had one partner previously so there wasn't much experience before we started dating. My last boyfriend was very bad in bed, had never gotten me off in the 8 months we were dating. When I first had sex with my current partner, it was the first time I had gotten off in bed. Needless to say I was immediately hooked.

Last night was the mark of our one year anniversary and the first night he would be staying at my new apartment.

It started off like normal, with me a little shy because my nose is stuffy from the forest fires right now... And ended with three orgasms over an hour later.

This sex was so good I've been thinking about it the entire day, from when I woke up to now almost 10 hours later.

He may not know it yet but I swear I'm gonna marry this guy. It's not just the amazing sex, which is no doubt a product of how fully I trust and adore this man, but because of how faithful, virtuous and selfless he is. His family is amazing, everybody is an amazingly hard worker and I could never find myself being this happy with anyone else.

In the last year and a half he's helped me move two times and supported me more than anyone I've ever known. I'd love nothing more to be there for him for the rest of my life