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7 months ago

Wife rants

My wife she gets her up from the nap and starts calling me out. I don’t take them out( I had a tiring day, and yesterday was  her self care day) she did not even let me complete, as i still had the intention to take them out after a short nap, 

-then she started to call me out on I watched a lot of Tv yesterday(fact being that was my time off, and I only watched when she was back home at 8pm) before that our son was there with me.

  • Same night she calls me out again while I’m changing his diaper, I just request her not to kiss my son while changing diaper(he was sleeping) as if he moves i will have problems changing it, she just calls me out don’t talk extra, and other rants. (I simply said it so it does not look like I’m stopping her to kiss him)

sick of her rants now