you're such a baby.

i hate you so much.

you are such a baby sometimes, it makes me so infuriated. you should be the adult here, not me, and now you're getting upset at me? I should not have to feel guilty for your own bad attitude. I should not have to apologize when you had a hand in this whole situation too. Honestly, when you ask me where I got my anger issues from, it's from you. I don't use the word hate, but sometimes you just make me want to throw you off a cliff. How dare you have such a bad attitude, when I'm doing the work here? How dare you expect and wait for me to apologize to you, and then act all grumpy and not accept it? You may work 5 days a week, and do everything in this household, but that does not give you an excuse to be mad at me. You do not get to storm off and act like a baby. That is not your responsibility. Ugh, you make me so disgusted with you. And the worst part is, is that you try. You say that you'll try to not be angry with me, but we both know that's an outrageous lie. This argument is pure proof of that. You may be the 'boss' of me, in the loosest of terms, but I will not stand for this any longer. I am sick of you, your bad attitude, your self-indignant self, and your horrible personality. How dare you? What made you think you had the right to storm out of my room? I am so sick of you, it's not even funny anymore. You make me bubble up with rage every time you get riled up. I hate this so much. I hate having to apologize to you, when we both know that you were wrong as well. If I was one of your workers, I would quit instantly. Stop saying that this won't happen again in the future, when things like this happen all the time. For once in your life, act like the grown up you are. Thank you.