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they say you have to release your anger. also im not with him anymore but i feel like that i keep remembering every fucked up shjt that he has done to me.

he was such a pain in my ass.

he was a fucked up guy. he said he is religious but at the same time he kept hitting on girls and trying to flirt with a girl then he would deny it and say he didnt mean it. also he did nothing to help me he never supported me as a friend and i always felt helpless and couldnt count on him whenever i needed him. but i was always there for him. once i didnt and he called me selfish. he didnt even would go out with me and show me to others. he was such a fucked up guy. but then he expected me to do anything flr him. to express my friendship ro him jn front of everyone.

also i always kept complimenting him and he was such a dumbass insecure guy.

but then he didnt tell me good stuffs in return. he never called me beautiful or whatever. he just saw my flaws. and tried to bring me down. fuck him ten times.thank god he doesnt exist in my life any more and he is ruining another bitchs life.

i know my text was cruel but i felt so much better now i had to release this anger and express it good hes gone

i felt better now